Social Justice Involvement Scale Instrument and 33-Page Special Report Paper

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Social justice is the application of fair treatment, liberty, opportunities, wealth and self-respect for the entire society. The system of White Supremacy creates oppressive ecological conditions that result in extreme mental and emotional stress-related disorders to the disenfranchised. People of African descent (Black), specifically, are at extremely high risk of acquiring mental and emotional health disorders due to the race-related stress and are the lease likely to access mental health treatment services due to the same psychosocial stressors.

The function of White Supremacy is to maintain melanated people in mental slavery, thereby preventing our ability to qualitatively effect significant change against an unjust system. The counseling community has failed to support the liberation of melanated people because it does not place social justice and culture at the center of mental health assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment. However, the Social Justice Involvement Scale ©, SJIS, is designed to measure specific factors impacting the etiology of stress-related disorders and provides information for potential interventions for the stress-related disorders resulting from and complicated by oppression-related conditions.

The SJIS is a self-report assessment. Anyone can complete it on their own and it takes as little as 15 minutes to complete. It assesses an individual’s desire and willingness to engage in changing environmental conditions that perpetuates emotional and psychological distress. Subscale scores can also help the individual to identify factors that may be interfering with their quality of life.

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Social Justice Involvement Scale Instrument and 33-Page Special Report Paper

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